What Is Foreign Object Removal?

What Is Foreign Object Removal?

If you've ever gotten dust or an eyelash stuck in your eye, you know how painful it can be to have a foreign object lodged in your eye. Sometimes, foreign objects will fall out on their own. However, there are cases where you will need to seek the foreign object removal services of an optometrist. At Lone Star Vision in Beaumont, TX, we welcome walk-in appointments for foreign object removal.

Foreign Object Removal

What Is a Foreign Object in the Eye?

Foreign object refers to anything that is in the eye but does not belong there.  The most common foreign objects that get stuck in the eye are dirt, sand, dust, eyelashes, makeup, and contact lenses. Metal and glass particles are also common foreign objects in the eye. Most of the time, foreign objects in the eye are easy to remove and relatively harmless. Foreign objects usually get stuck in the conjunctiva or the cornea of the eye. You can generally tell if you have debris or a foreign object stuck in your eye, as your eye will look red and feel irritated. In some cases, you will need to see an eye doctor for foreign object removal.

When Should You See an Eye Doctor?

If you're dealing with a foreign object in the eye, you may be wondering if you should go to your eye doctor for assistance. Most of the time, you should be able to remove a foreign object from your eye on your own. This is especially true if the foreign object is dust or sand and not glass or metal particles. First, you should try blinking the affected eye repeatedly. If this doesn't work, you should wash your hands with soap and water and use a mirror to try to locate the foreign object. Use a sterile saline solution, artificial tears, or water to flush the eye. Avoid rubbing the affected eye when trying to remove the lodged foreign object. If you rub the affected eye, the foreign object may scratch your cornea. Typically, a scratched cornea will heal on its own within a few days. However, a scratched cornea may require treatment.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometry Professionals for Foreign Object Removal

Incorrectly removing a foreign object from your eye could cause injury. If you are looking for foreign object removal in Beaumont, TX, contact Lone Star Vision today. We offer same-day appointments and welcome walk-ins. Call us at (409) 896-5700 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor. 

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