Conditions Treated

Millions of people suffer from eye conditions such as myopia, or nearsightedness. When you have this condition, you can often still see things that are near you but will struggle to see things that are far away. If left untreated, myopia will worsen and may greatly degrade your ability to see. If you have myopia or another eye condition that requires treatment, contact our optometrist, Dr. Mark Johnson, at Lone Star Vision in Beaumont, TX.

If you have difficulty seeing road signs or objects in the distance, you may be suffering from myopia. Often, objects will appear blurry, and text, in particular, can be difficult to read. This condition is typically caused by your eyes focusing images in front of your retina, rather than on it. Typically, eye exams are enough to detect nearsightedness, so make sure you speak with our eye doctor immediately if you believe you’re suffering from this condition.

Symptoms and Risks

It’s estimated that roughly one-quarter of people globally suffer from myopia or nearsightedness. Rates of myopia are rising with some experts arguing that roughly half of the population may suffer from myopia by 2050.

Why is myopia on the rise? Many believe that people are spending too much time staring at smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices. These actions may be straining our eyes and causing other eye health problems. Nearsightedness is a risk factor for other serious conditions, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts, and myopic maculopathy, which is an untreatable and serious condition. Myopia can ultimately degrade your eyes and cause serious health problems. In some cases, it may even lead to blindness.

Besides vision problems, you may also experience headaches. Sometimes, squinting will clear up your vision. Don’t think of this as a solution, however, but instead a symptom. It is important to talk to an optometrist if you’re having trouble seeing road signs or text or suspect that you’re suffering from nearsightedness.

How Are Eye Conditions Treated?

Myopia is a serious issue but it isn’t the only condition that may affect your vision. Other common eye conditions include cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Treatment for these eye conditions and eye diseases can take many forms. Our optometrist will perform a thorough eye examination and then develop a treatment plan that involves prescription glasses, contact lenses, medication, surgery, home treatments, or treating an underlying condition that is affecting your eyes.

Optometry Care in Beaumont, TX

No matter what treatment option is right for you, proper eye care should start with a visit to a reliable eye doctor. By performing an eye exam, our eye doctor will identify your condition and chose the best course of action. If you live in or around Beaumont and you would like to schedule an eye exam, call  Lone Star Vision today at (409) 896-5700.

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