Contact Lens Exams

At Lone Star Vision in Beaumont, TX, we understand that not everyone enjoys wearing eyeglasses. Contact lenses offer a convenient and comfortable alternative for correcting vision problems and achieving clear sight. Our experienced optometrists can assess your individual needs and recommend the most suitable type of contact lenses for your lifestyle and eye health.

Contact Lens Exam

Contact Lens Options at Lone Star Vision

Lone Star Vision offers a wide variety of contact lenses to address various vision needs. Here's an overview of some of the most common types we carry:

•           Daily Disposable Lenses: These lenses offer the ultimate convenience. A fresh pair is worn each day, eliminating the need for cleaning solutions and reducing the risk of infections. Daily disposables are a great option for people with allergies or those who prefer a hassle-free lens care routine.

•           Weekly Disposable Lenses: Weekly disposable lenses are a cost-effective alternative to daily lenses. They are worn for up to one week before being replaced, offering a balance between convenience and affordability.

•           Bi-weekly Disposable Lenses: These lenses are worn for two weeks before replacement. They are a good option for those who find daily lenses too expensive but prefer the hygiene benefits of disposables.

•           Monthly Replacement Lenses: Monthly replacement lenses provide a cost-efficient option for long-term wear. These lenses require proper cleaning and disinfection each night to maintain hygiene.

Specialty Contact Lenses for Unique Needs

Beyond traditional contact lenses, Lone Star Vision offers specialty lenses to address specific vision challenges:

•           Toric Lenses: These lenses are designed to correct astigmatism, a condition that causes blurry vision at all distances. Toric lenses have varying powers throughout the lens to compensate for the irregular corneal shape in astigmatism.

•           Multifocal Lenses: Similar to bifocal or trifocal eyeglasses, multifocal contact lenses offer multiple prescriptions in one lens to correct both near and farsighted vision.

•           CRT Lenses (Corneal Refractive Therapy): CRT lenses are a special type of rigid gas permeable lens worn overnight. They gently reshape the cornea while you sleep, temporarily correcting nearsightedness and reducing dependence on daytime vision correction.

The Benefits of a Contact Lens Exams

A comprehensive contact lens exam at Lone Star Vision is crucial to ensure a safe and comfortable contact lens wearing experience. Our eye doctors near you will:

•           Assess your eye health and suitability for contact lens wear.

•           Determine your specific prescription and any lens material preferences.

•           Teach you proper lens insertion, removal, and cleaning techniques.

•           Schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your eye health and lens fit.

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If you're interested in exploring contact lenses as a vision correction option, Lone Star Vision in Beaumont, TX, is here to help. Our experienced optometrists can guide you through the process, ensure a proper fit, and answer any questions you may have. Call Lone Star Vision today at (409) 896-5700 to schedule your contact lens exam and experience the freedom of clear vision!

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