Comprehensive Eye Exam

At Lone Star Vision, we recommend that our patients in Beaumont schedule annual eye exams with our optometrist to preserve eye health. Our goal is to ensure the prevention of any loss of sight or the need for complicated eye surgeries. During your visit, we will perform a variety of eye tests and screenings to ensure your vision remains at its best.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

What Tests Are Done During An Eye Exam in Beaumont, TX?

During your eye exam with our optometrist, you will experience a variety of tests to determine how well your eyes see, how well they perform together, and other important factors like eye pressure.

Visual Acuity Test

A visual acuity test will first determine how clearly you see. Once this is determined, our eye doctor can recommend corrective lenses, whether prescription glasses or contact lenses, to correct your vision.

Cover Test

A cover test is done to detect a lazy or crossed eye.

Slit Lamp Test

The slit lamp test evaluates different parts of your eyes as we can see them in 3-D.

OCT Exam

During an ophthalmoscopy or OCT exam, we reflect light to look at the back of the eye. This helps us with glaucoma screening, diabetic eye screening, and Macular Degeneration prevention too.


To determine intraocular pressure, tonometry is used to measure fluid pressure. This is an important test done by our Beaumont eye doctor to determine a patient’s risk of developing glaucoma.


This eye testing measures the refractive error of the eyes. A retinoscope is used to shine light into the eye and look at the flex off of the retina. This will determine if someone is farsighted or nearsighted or if they have an astigmatism.

Protect Your Health By Scheduling Annual Eye Exams

At Lone Star Vision, we perform comprehensive eye exams, pediatric eye exams, and contact lens exams in Beaumont. Many of our patients don’t even think about their eyes until they experience vision changes. It’s important to detect these problems during glaucoma screening, diabetic eye screen, and Macular Degeneration prevention before they advance to change how you see.

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Are you looking for an eye doctor near you? To ensure you and your family’s eye health remain at its best, schedule a visual eye exam where our eye doctor can discuss your eye health. To learn more about our comprehensive eye exams, call our eye care office today at 409-896-5700. Preserve your eye health with the help of our experienced optometrist who can perform a variety of important eye testing.

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