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Myopia Control (for kids)

Probably, you have already heard the expression, "Myopia Control". If you haven't then you have now, and I'll bet that you will hear of it again and again after reading this. Because, the eye care industry, especially optometry, is finally doing something positive about the progression of myopia in young kids and teenagers. What doctors call "Myopia" ordinary lay-persons call "near-sightedness" which is the ability to only see clearly up close while having the inability to see clearly far away. Through careful research and documented studies we now have good evidence that we can limit the amount of myopia in kids as they grow up.

If you check with almost anybody who wears thick glasses for near-nearsightedness, most will tell you a similar story... that they had normal vision as a young child but that not long afterwards they were fitted with glasses in the 2nd or 3rd grade, (okay, maybe the 4th or 5th) and that each year afterwards they seemed to need stronger glasses and that this continued through grade school and even into their high school years...until at last they ended up with the "coke-bottle" glasses that they currently wear.  And so for decades, optometrists have sought to know if there was a way to intervene in this process such that we could slow it down or even stop it.  We knew that it would be worth while because there are many "bad things" associated with high amounts of myopia.  

Here, at our practice at Lone Star Vision in Beaumont, Texas, we take this matter of "Myopia Control" seriously.  We are currently managing the myopia of several local school boys and girls who's parents are wisely investing in their children's future vision.  It is rewarding to us to correct people's vision on a daily basis.  But it is even more rewarding to keep our children from progressively becoming more dependent on corrective eye wear.

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