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Make Lone Star Vision Your Choice for Optometry in Beaumont

You use your eyes every day for your entire life. However, too many people neglect regular eye exams. Don't make this mistake. Find an optometrist in Beaumont, like Lone Star Vision, that offers professional and caring services. We are in the business of caring for the vision of all our patients. Let us take care of your eyes, too. 

Why You Need a Good Relationship with Your Eye Doctor

Visiting an optometrist should not only happen when you have a problem with your vision. Eye doctors can spot problems with your health before you have noticeable symptoms. For instance, an optometrist can see signs of diabetes during regular eye exams even if you don't have a primary physician's diagnosis of this condition.

Even if you have good general health, your eyes will change over time. Many eye problems start in adulthood and worsen with age. For instance, cataracts and glaucoma can appear as you get older. While our office routinely screens for glaucoma during regular eye exams, you may consider having optical coherence tomography (OCT) to examine your eyes for signs of diabetes or macular degeneration.

Having routine eye exams also makes it possible for an eye doctor to see if your vision has any changes. While you may not notice subtle changes over time, an optometrist will, based on your previous exam results.

Services We Offer

As a fully outfitted optometry facility, we provide a range of services to care for your eyes. Our services include the following:

About Our Optometrist, Dr. Mark Johnson

Since 1991, Dr. Mark Johnson has served the people of southeast Texas. He has worked at a variety of well-known eye clinics over the years before opening his own practice, Lone Star Vision, in Beaumont. Here in Beaumont, he has earned the ranking of one of the top three eye doctors in the city.

As a professional optometrist, Dr. Johnson meticulously examines your eyes and explains every step of the process and his findings. He is very open to questions you have about your vision or the eye exam, so feel free to ask him during your appointment.

Make Your Appointment to Visit Our Practice of Optometry in Beaumont

If you have questions about our practice, our services, payment options, or anything else, contact our office in Beaumont at (409) 896-5700. We can also schedule appointments for eye exams at this number. If you prefer to make your appointment request online, we also offer that service.

No matter how you contact us, we are looking forward to seeing you at Lone Star Vision.

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  • Dr. Mark Johnson

    Lone Star Vision's optometrist, Dr. Johnson was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where he once enjoyed playing his electric guitar, riding his Harley-Davidson, drinking iced tea, and going to the shooting range. After he grew up and out of that, he got serious with other optometry.

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